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Read what others are saying about BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE:

“BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE is a gripping, honest memoir of a housewife with a taste for crime shows and adventure who decides to turn cop in the early eighties—a time when women were not welcomed in law enforcement. Her ultimate rise from working the midnight shift in the bowels of Liberty City as an FHP trooper to finally landing her dream career position as a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement— all while raising two young daughters—is nothing short of inspiring. Floy Turner doesn’t leave out the gritty, hilarious, sad, bittersweet details on her journey to succeed in a male dominated profession, headquartered, ironically, in the good-ole-boy South.”
   Best-Selling Author

Refreshingly insightful and the non-fictionalized rendering of law enforcement life—a brotherhood and a sisterhood. Turner and Clark were there, made their bones, and were members of the vanguard that made women in law enforcement what it is today. A great read!
Deputy Chief –Retired,
California Highway Patrol

Turner’s pursuit of justice reminds you that this is a “cop” book, but her sense of humor and compassion shows her human, and yes, vulnerable side. You’ll have no choice but to bond to Turner as she takes you on the roller-coaster ride of police work. I’m proud of Turner and her willingness to share her stories in BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE!
   Attorney, Best-Selling Author,
   TV and Radio Show Host
   Board Member, Elizabeth Smart Foundation

“As a woman who worked as a federal law enforcement officer for 20 years in Miami, I couldn’t put BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE down till I read it all. It is truly an accurate account of what the job entailed. I was especially drawn to the descriptions of the emotions, when one minute you are bored and tired to suddenly feeling the adrenaline rush and nerves as a situation escalated, and then the drained and exhausted feeling when the danger was over.”
Special Agent, Retired,
Federal Bureau of Investigation

“Floy Turner writes honestly and authentically about the challenges she overcame – and the bad guys she apprehended! – in her groundbreaking career as one of Florida’s first female state troopers. Her courage, commitment, and service to law enforcement shine through on every page.”
~ JON JEFFERSON of the bestselling crime-fiction duo “Jefferson Bass”

“Get ready to be entertained and inspired. As a proud women in law enforcement, I know the challenges of pushing through in this male-dominated profession. Turner shows that a lot of determination and a little bit of estrogen can go a long way. Clark and Turner are successful in their first book in this trilogy.”
Police Office, Retired

“Be ready to strap in and ride along with Floy Turner as she provides a realistic, emotional, and deeply personal view of what it means to be a law enforcement officer, and the considerations and biases she had to overcome as a female. I recommend this book to all considering a career as a police officer, and especially women considering this career path.”
   Co-Owner, WBKEARNEY & Associates/EQYP

“A female trooper in the Florida Highway Patrol in 1983 was not a familiar sight. We were not always welcomed by our fellow coworkers and many times unwanted by the public we swore to serve and protect. BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE is a factual accounting by Floy Turner, who was bound and determined to change those attitudes by showing that a woman could carry out the duties of a Florida Trooper. Her reflections in this book will make you laugh, make you cry, and will inspire you. It is a quick and brilliant read.”
State Trooper, Retired,
Florida Highway Patrol

“BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE is an action-filled page-turner that will bring tears to your eyes, either from laughing so hard at the humor or crying from the tragedies. I am so honored to call her my friend, my colleague, and one of my heroes.”
   Founder & Executive Director,
   Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

“Everyone knows that cops tell the best stories, and Floy Turner can keep up with the best of them. It was an honor to work with this pioneer who paved the way for women in law enforcement.”
Special Agent,
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

“Floy Turner’s memoir is outstanding on several fronts: First it provides a snapshot of the era in U.S. history when women were first entering formerly all-male fields. More importantly, amidst today’s controversy about America’s police practices, BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE shows how one woman managed to do a difficult job with intelligence and humanity. Her war stories are often humorous and always illuminating, a darn good read.”
   Newspaper and Magazine Editor

“Turner has delivered an exceptional read which is not only for the crime story lover but also for those who want to know the people behind those stories. Turner’s strengths and vulnerability will draw you in, and waiting to see what’s next BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE will keep you reading. This is one book you won’t want to put down.”
Former FBI Intelligence Analyst

“BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE is a great example of one of those ole sayings, “You should never judge a book by its cover,” especially when you think of a women police officer working in the beautiful and tourist-filled city of Miami. This book and story take you on a ride along that can only be seen and understood by personal experience until now. Enjoy the ride. I know I did.”
Law Enforcement Officer, Retired
CEO / Founder radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education

“Miami’s most intriguing historical period comes to life again as Turner transports you behind her badge. The vivid and entertaining storytelling will leave you laughing, crying, and page-turning for more. Floy dedicated her career to ensuring public safety and making her state a better place.”
Senior Agent, Retired
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

“Turner describes in precise detail the ambiance of not only the physical environment but the emotional environment as well. Her subtle but effective approach to change is articulated in a way whereby you know she was instrumental in helping both women and men continue to exist and thrive in this necessary, honorable profession.”
State Trooper, Retired,
Florida Highway Patrol

“BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE takes a realistic look at the emotional and psychological turmoil that women in law enforcement face. Floy describes the commonality of concerns that rotating shifts, high-risk assignments, mandatory overtime, and working in a male-dominated environment will have on her children and spouse or partner. She describes the discrimination by male colleagues and supervisors who jealously guard their traditionally male-dominated territory, and by wives of male colleagues who resent another female spending so much time with their husbands.
       “Floy doesn’t romanticize the job; instead she accurately depicts what women in law enforcement face, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. She also accurately depicts the rewards of being a woman in law enforcement.
       “BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE is a book that should be read by every woman who is considering a career in law enforcement and by every woman who has been in law enforcement.”
   Detective, Retired
   Miami-Dade County Police Department