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The Authors

Co-Author Floy Turner
During my career in law enforcement, my girlfriends questioned me about my cases. When I told a verbal story of my experiences, they responded by telling me that I should write a book.As an avid reader, I came to admire four specific authors who wrote about investigations, solving crimes, and police work:• I was fortunate to work with best-selling author Jillian Hoffman when she was a regional legal advisor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in the Miami Regional Office Center (MROC). I had been a consultant for her book Pretty Little Things. • Best-selling author Jon Jefferson had been referred to me by Art Bohannan to assist as a subject matter expert in The Bone Yard, a Body Farm novel.• The other two authors who I have never had the privilege of knowing are Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich. Grafton caught my attention with her female character Kinsey Millhone. Evanovich grabbed me with her funky humor that had me laughing out loud as I read.When Sherrie Clark approached me about this endeavor, I was excited and thrilled to jump into the process of sharing my life and adventures with other women. What I did not expect was how many of my fans would turn out to be men.

Sherrie and I shared that cop connection, and we make a good team.

Co-Author Sherrie Clark
After the release of our first book BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE, readers wanted to understand who Floy Turner and Sherrie Clark were as a team, how we came about writing this series, and what we did to make it happen. We began to realize that our story as a team was a crucial part of this series, and I truly believe that the success of our relationship is what contributed to the success of our first book together.

The Journey
Several years ago while hosting the online radio show GOD, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN? I wanted to do a show on human trafficking. Of course, Floy Turner came to mind immediately as an expert in that field. She sent me her bio for the show. Simply stated, I was blown away by her experience and credentials! As an author, book editor, and author coach, I saw the same potential in her story that she did, so we decided to write a book together.

As she shared her experiences with me, I developed a passion to make them as significant to you, the reader, as she had made them to me. So what started out to be an exciting project evolved into a mission of bringing her story to life.

This Book
BEHIND HER SPECIAL AGENT BADGE (BHSAB) is different from the first and more humorous book BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE. Although BHSAB has gone in a more serious direction due to the types of crimes written about on its pages, we managed to conserve that “Floy humor” that we’ve all come to know and love.

Working with Floy Turner has been an honor and a pleasure. Throughout the writing process, I came to know and appreciate her compassion and her wit.

As you read the pages within these books, I am confident that you will also see that Floy Turner is a professional in her field, and she’s a real human being behind the badge.