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Sherrie Clark-400vertSHERRIE CLARK is the co-author of the best-selling book BEHIND HER MIAMI BADGE. Through her unique writing style, she brings reality to stories by putting readers in the shoes of the characters so that they can experience what the characters see, hear, and feel.SmallVoicesSilencedCover

Sherrie is a former police officer with the NYPD, a writer, a book editor, and the author of the award-winning book SMALL VOICES SILENCED. She is also a coach and consultant for authors all across the country. As cofounder of Storehouse Publishing, she educates authors and aspiring authors through conferences, workshops, and online classes, sharing her expertise and knowledge on how to write and publish their books.

Sherrie has written, bylined, and ghostwritten over 200 articles, stories, blog posts, press releases, website content, bios, and such, all of which have been published online or in print. Some of the publications for which she has written include the award-winning newspaper Victims’ Advocate. She served as the Jacksonville Christianity & Social Issues Examiner for, a niche she created but has since been used by other writers, and was a volunteer writer and editor for the international organization Stop Child Trafficking Now.

Sherrie created, produced, and hosted the weekly online radio show God, Where Were You When?  This show aired throughout Europe and as far as Japan and into Africa. She has a Masters of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling and is a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor with the NCCA.

When not writing and working with other authors, Sherrie enjoys spending time with her family.