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Read what others are saying about BEHIND HER SPECIAL AGENT BADGE:

Once again Floy Turner and Sherrie Clark’s latest book, BEHIND HER SPECIAL AGENT BADGE, was a great read. Once I started reading it, I dropped everything until I finished it. It really shows the complexity of a law enforcement job, the stress it entails, and the range of emotions the job brings. As a retired federal agent from South Florida, the book brought back memories of cases that we worked together. I am ready for their next book.”
Special Agent, (Retired),
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Turner and Clark are masterful storytellers, and you’ll be hooked from the get-go. The only time I wasn’t glued to a page was when I was turning it, and I did that as quick as possible so I could read what happened next.” 
Police Officer,
District 32

Special Agent Turner is a repeat offender – but in a great way! Her second book gives us another peek behind the badge, and you will not be able to turn the pages fast enough.”
Attorney, Best-Selling Author,
TV and Radio Show Host
Board Member, Elizabeth Smart Foundation

“BEHIND HER SPECIAL AGENT BADGE is a must-read book! Floy Turner has an authentic, real voice that demands respect, that demands to be listened to, while at the same time a soft and often funny touch when recalling some of her more awkward experiences in a male-dominated profession. I cheered for her the whole way through!”
Best-Selling Author

This is quite simply a must-read book. It is characteristically brutal, tragic, humorous, and riveting. I recall many of the cases described by Floy as I was a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement from 1997 through 2010 and had the honor and privilege to work with Floy. She has given the reader an inside peek into the craft of criminal investigations, which is ever evolving. Her story reveals how the police actually work their craft under extreme pressure dealing with statistics, politics, the media, and what they must confront at crime scenes. Additionally, the reader learns how police work has been hardwired into Floy to such an extent that it infects how she experiences the everyday world to include work and home-life bleeding into each other and how police struggle to reconcile what they’ve seen in their day jobs when they close their eyes at night.”

Sunrise Police Department Chief of Detectives,
FDLE Special Agent
Deputy Chief of Police Coconut Creek Police Department

“What an exciting book! Turner and Clark had me hooked from the first sentence. With each adventure, I felt as if I was walking through Turner’s career with her, and I couldn’t wait to read what happened to us next.” 
Police Officer, (Retired),

“As a retired Police Sergeant who spent 10 years in Homicide, this is such a timely book. Everyone should read it, especially during this time when cops are getting a lot of negative publicity. Through Turner’s transparency, she shows us that there are good cops; in fact, most cops are good. Her honest perspective can’t help but encourage readers to look at law enforcement through a fresh and fair set of eyes.” 
Homicide Detective Sergeant, (Retired),
Tallahassee Police Department


““I enjoyed reading the first book and couldn’t wait for the second book. Floy is the perfect example of compassion, passion, and professionalism during her years as a law enforcement officer. I am so honored to know Floy and truly recommend everyone to read her memoirs. Thank you, Floy, for your years of commitment and dedication to serve the residents of Florida.” 
Author, Founder & Executive Director,
Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking